01/23/24 Let's embrace plant-based meat for Veganuary

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Veganuary invites you to try meat that does not harm the environment or animals

- With plant-based sausages, hot dogs and burgers, switching to a vegan diet has never been easier

Sausages, salami, kebabs, hot dogs, pates, burgers, steaks, medallions, minced meat... All this can be found in our stores, and more often in restaurants, in a plant-based version. Animal Friends Croatia invites everyone to try plant-based meat during Veganuary and enjoy the familiar taste and texture while sparing animals and with a positive impact on their health and the planet.

For the free Croatian version of Veganuary, the Veggie Challenge, all those interested can sign up at www.veganopolis.net. After signing up, they will receive every day e-mail with interesting information on environmental, animal and health protection, movie and book recommendations and instructions on how to prepare delicious plant-based dishes such as seitan stew, bolognese from soy flakes or eggplant stuffed with plant-based meat. Also, three people who sign up for the Veggie Challenge by the end of January will win a gift package with various vegan products including plant-based meat and the book "These equal creatures - 100 answers to 100 questions about animal rights".

Plant-based meat is made up of various products of completely plant origin that, more or less, have the taste and texture of animal meat and are prepared that way. However, the production of plant-based meat requires significantly fewer resources compared to traditional meat, which helps fight deforestation and conserve water and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Various studies have shown that when used instead of processed animal meat, plant-based meat is a healthier option. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which is part of the World Health Organization (WHO), announced eight years ago that red meat products, such as hot dogs, salami and ham, as well as red meat, are carcinogenic and can cause cancer, especially colon cancer. Due to their composition, plant-based burgers are in many ways healthier than those made from animal meat - they contain high-quality proteins, are full of minerals and vitamins, and do not contain saturated fatty acids, cholesterol, genetically modified ingredients and nitrates, and are lower in calories.

"By choosing plant-based foods such as plant-based meat, we all take an excellent step towards improving our health, a greener planet and a more compassionate world. We invite everyone to become part of the growing community that brings about the food revolution this January. Let's embrace that revolution and make this Veganuary an unforgettable journey into the world of delicious, cruelty-free food!", concludes Animal Friends Croatia.

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