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With its work so far, the Animal Friends Croatia (AFC) organization proved to be competent and it actively vivified and keeps vivifying significant changes in our society.

All that was realized by the voluntary work of AFC members. Some of them dedicated all their time since the very beginning, thus bringing the organization to a very respectable position. We are fully aware that the existence of AFC completely depends on all its supporters, and we are very grateful to everyone who is unselfishly supporting us.

At this moment, the situation in the organization is that that after four years of dedicated work of its members, who invest their time and financial means in reaching our mutual goals, the continuation of their voluntary work is seriously brought into question because of the financial crash they are facing.

Since the amount of work is increasing day by day, it cannot be done solely on the volunteer basis any more. There is a realistic need for professionalism, so all of us could be more efficient in our work for the animals. Our achievements so far in making the public more aware of all the aspects of animal issues came as result of dedicated 24/7 engagement of only a few activists.

Furthermore, although the general recognition of the organization in public is high (84% according to an independent poll), inspite of its considerable contribution to the society, so far it has been awarded no city or state government owned offices, so it is forced to pay lease, which presents an added financial burden.

Moreover, quality planning and realization of actions and campaigns and coverage of additional costs (i.e. printing leaflets, billboards etc.) depends on a regular source of income.

Therefore, our goal is to find monthly donations, which will provide the stable funding we need to make sure that we can continue our vital work for the animals 24/7.

The work and the future of AFC directly depend on their members who work for it. Hence, we kindly ask you for a specified-purpose donation, with which you will ensure the continuation of this successful work. We believe you understand how much AFC needs your help and how much its work for the animals depends on it.

Interested individuals, organizations and companies who are able and would like to help us with such kind of funding can contact us at our e-mail address

We thank you very much for any kind of help and well-intentioned recommendation.

Soure: A.R.M.O.R.Y. - chimpanzees liberated from a laboratory [ 38.52 Kb ]



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