The Heavy Cost of Overfishing

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"Mankind brought about a marine apocalypse on a scale never previously imagined in which thousands of species became extinct through overfishing, a study has revealed," states The Times of London. "The human race's efficiency at hunting large marine animals and shellfish has disrupted food chains and destroyed ecosystems to such an extent that the seas have been changed forever," according to the research project.

The report mentions that when Captain John Smith sailed into the waters of Chesapeake Bay on the eastern coast of the United States in 1607, a cannon that fell overboard was "clearly visible in over (nine meters) of water." The researches attributed this once clear water to "vast oyster reefs (that) filtered all the water in the bay every three days, controlling levels of microbes and algae." At that time "gray whales, doplhins, manatees, river otters, sea turtles, alligators, and giant sturgeon were numerous" in the region. Now it is home to "a fraction of the species" once supported.

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