09/16/05 Frida Becomes a Family Member!

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The little pig Frida was given to the clinic for internal diseases of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Zagreb for intensive care, after being bought by RTL television for their show "Big Brother."

After negotiation between Animal Friends and RTL Frida remained in intensive care, although she was supposed to return to the Big Brother house where she almost starved out and showed disturbed behavior being unable to stand on her feet. To protect the small pig's health, Animal Friends Croatia demanded that after her treatment would be over she should be homed, since forcing her to further participate in the show would be fatal for her. That was also confirmed by the veterinaries.

After the intensive veterinary care, Frida arrived in the home of her new caretakers, who will let Animal Friends, the veterinaries and the interested media to follow her adaptation to the new environment, her growing and new life.

Animal Friends wants to thank RTL for giving Frida into their hands for adoption and for showing responsibility and sensibility for Frida's wellbeing. Animal Friends also wants to thank those people who gave her a home and will assure her a long and happy life accompanied by their love and care.

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