10/02/06 Performance "Meat is Murder"

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An impressive performance on World Farm Animals Day

In human-size meet "trays," two cellophane-wrapped Animal Friends' activists will perform on Monday, October 2, World Farm Animals Day, at Ban Jelacic Square, to show how human meat would look in a supermarket. With the slogan "Meat is murder" Animal Friends wishes to point out that all animals - mankind included - are made of blood, meat and bones and have the same feelings and fears.

Huge sized etiquettes with prices on cellophane packings worn "Billions of animals have been tortured and cruelly killed because of people's wantonness of eating meat." Furthermore, the passers-by will be given leaflets through which they will have the opportunity to get informed about cruelty of breeding animals, transport, violence in slaughterhouses...

Why does Animal Friends present the cruel truth about meat industry? Because nowadays people are still castrating and amputating horns of cattles without stunning them. Chickens are brutally debeaked, the canine teeth of pigs are broken, their tails are cut and they are castrated completelly conscious. Many animals die of lungs infections, dehidration, exhaustion, or infections. Very depressive animals in meat industry are vegetating crowded in dark crates or cages in which they cannot even make i single step. When they arrive to the slaughterhouses after a difficult transport, animals are often hung on a conveyor or thrown into a boiling bath - completelly conscious!

"Every year 60 billion animals suffer and die due to the meat industry. All of it is totally unnecessary because we can eat healthy and various food without torturing and killing other living beings," states Luka Oman, Animal Friends' president.

With plenty of pulse, cereals, mushrooms, seeds, vegetables and fruits, in shops are also available vegetarian sausages, hams, pates, steaks, and much else.

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