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Lucrative Contracts for Closed Animal Shelter 11/14/2023

Animal Friends Croatia has filed a complaint to the Croatian State Inspectorate against Crikvenica Veterinary Clinic Ltd which as a legal entity also provides services as an abandoned animal shelter. For over four years, cats and dogs have actually been placed in an unlicensed shelter at an address different from the one registered in the Pet Animal Registry for which the company had been granted a license, but which had closed. “We don’t know what is more shocking – the fact that the veterinary inspection has not been supervising the operation of animal shelter in Crikvenica, or that it has not carried out any checks at this particular shelter, or that it has not undertaken any action over animals placed in an unlicensed shelter failing to meet space, accommodation, sanitary or logistic requirements as warranted for all shelters." state Animal Friends Croatia.

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