05/10/07 Vodnjan Rejects Dolphinarium

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Animal Friends welcomes the decision of Vodnjan!

On May 10, upon launching the campaign against the construction of a dolphinarium more than two months ago, Animal Friends received the official statement from the mayor of Vodnjan, Klaudio Vitasovic.

In his statement, Mr. Vitasovic explains his decision against the construction of the dolphinarium in Vodnjan, saying: "Accepting not only your requests but also the requests of everyone who had advocated that the construction of the dolphinarium be not completed, and accepting new considerations of Aqua Adora representatives, according to which they see the aqua park in a completely different light now, we want to inform you and the general public that the construction of the dolphinarium in the town of Vodnjan will not be carried out."

Animal Friends welcomes this decision and thank the mayor Vitasovic and the town council of Vodnjan for making this ethically correct decision.

Thanks to the decision of Vodnjan and the decision of the district of Jasenice not to capture dolphins for entertainment and profit as well as the negative position of the Ministry of Culture, Nature protection Directorate, regarding the possible imports of dolphins from Cuba for the dolphinarium in aqua park in Vodnjan, Croatia is on the right way to implement a complete legal ban on dolphin capture.

After Animal Friends sent their proposal, the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia, Nature protection Directorate, plans to ban holding of dolphin species in captivity, in accordance with the existing regulation.

With such a ban on dolphin captivity and with a dolphin reserve at Mali Losinj, Croatia proudly builds an image of a dolphin friendly country. The year 2007, which the United Nations called the Year of the Dolphin, Animal Friends will mark with further activities related to dolphin protection and continue to collaborate with the Ministry of Culture, Nature protection Directorate, in order to implement their decision promptly.

On this occasion Animal Friends wants to thank once more all the individuals, groups and media who supported the campaign against the dolphin capture so far, as well as Mr. Richard O'Barry of Earth Island Institute, who only for this purpose came from distant Florida and the World Society for the Protection of Animals organization which made this campaign possible.

Vodnjan decision

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