Violated Regulations

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Some of the possibly violated legal regulations and ordinances

Animal Protection Act (NN no. 135/06)
- Art. 4 subs. 2 p. 16 (It is prohibited to neglect animals regarding their health, accommodation, food, and care)
- Art. 40 (Food and drink)
- Art. 44 (All documentation on the death and medical treatments of animals must be preserved for at least one year)

Fine for each of these violations is 30,000-50,000 HRK!

"Ordinance on the Treatment of Animal Carcasses and Waste of Animal Origin, as well as their Disposal" (NN no. 24/03)
- Art. 5 (Prohibition of environment pollution...)
- Art. 6 (Reporting the death of cattle)
- Art. 7 subs. 2. (Disinfecting the location of death)

Law on Cattle Breeding (NN no. 70/97)
- Art. 29 (Keeping and exploiting domestic animals for economic purposes must be done in accordance with the regulations on environment protection and animal welfare)

Fine is 5,000-10,000 HRK

- Art. 35 (Domestic animals must be given only healthy food, the quality must conform to the the ordinance on the quality of cattle food and other norms; the food must not contain any harmful ingredients)

Law on Fire Prevention (NN no. 58/93 and no. 33/05)
- Art. 18 subs. 3 (Duty of maintaining fire extinguishers with proper documentation)

Fine: 2,000-20,000 HRK

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