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On the occasion of the Earth Day, Animal Friends warns about the problem of waste production and the importance of recycling

The problem of waste is so alarming that everyone should be informed about how every individual is involved in waste production. There are many factors, but it is little known on how much our way of diet is directly involved in waste production or environmental destruction.

Waste that is produced by farms and slaughterhouses is measured in billions of tons per year. E.g. a farm of 60,000 chickens produces over 80 tons of waste per week. The relative concentration of waste from farms and slaughterhouses in relation with regular sewers is several hundreds times larger. To give an example, animals raised for food in Croatia produce 30 times more excrement than the entire population of Croatia.

Along with water and ground pollution or enormous exploit of natural resources, the meat industry also pollutes the air because of the ammoniac which evaporates from animal excrement and causes acid rains. According to the report made by the UN department FAO, breeding of farm animals has a greater effect to global warming than the transportation industry of all the planet together.

If we kicked animal products from our diet, environmental pollution would be drastically decreased as well as the amount of waste we produce. The fur and leather industry also spend great amounts of water and pollute our waters. Plus, in processing animal based materials cancerous chemicals are used. By choosing to wear ecological garments and footwear we can have an effect on environmental conservation as well as on reducing waste.

Along with changing our diet and clothing, our attitude towards recycling is equally important because in that way we also effect the conservation of natural resources, decrease air, water and ground pollution, save expensive and valuable energy, and decrease disposal sites and thereby prevent injury of wild animals endangered by waste. If we don't want to 'choke in our own waste,' Animal Friends appeals to people to make changes in their diet and clothing, and to recycle waste for their own welfare, and for the welfare of other species and the environment.

On the very Earth Day, Tuesday, April 22, as a part of the Eco-market organized by the Green Action, which will be held on Petar Preradovic Square, Animal Friends will provide information about the ecological advantages of a vegetarian lifestyle and the necessity of recycling.

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