10/07/08 I Love Animals

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The second and final recording by the Croatian band aid for animals

After Oliver Dragojevic, Lea Dekleva, Marko Tolja, Ines Bojanic, Iva Bagic, and Maja Posavec (Detour) shared their voice for the first recording of the song and video "Nema isprike (No Excuse)", at the second recording it is time for Toni Cetinski, Massimo Savic, Maja Vucic, Leona Paraminski, Tina Vukov, and Jelena Radan to join the Croatian band aid for animals.

Media representatives are invited to join the second final recording of the song and video for the charity project "I Love Animals" which will be held on Tuesday, October 7, at 2 P.M. in Studio dB, Heinzelova 25, Zagreb.

The project "I Love Animals" is humanitarian in character and the goal is, besides drawing attention to animal rights and protection, to help build a shelter for abused animals. It is supposed to influence on the positive way of thinking and active envolvement of citizens in animal protection and rights with in spite of a diffucult state of animals and to show a hope for a better future for all residents of this planet.

The text and music for the song "Nema isprike (No Excuse)" was written by Lea Dekleva. The video will be produced and directed by Vanja Vascarac. Photographer is Filip Cargonja.

In the creative and media sector a voluntary contribution was given by the TBWA agency Zagreb, the media agency PHD, and the marketing company b.i.p..

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