04/27/02 Lethal Medicine

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The movie "Lethal Medicine" was projected during Laboratory Animals Protection Week


The movie projection was held on Saturday, April 27, 2002 at 5 P.M., in the net club MAMA, Preradoviceva ulica 18. The motive was Laboratory Animals Protection Week.

During the campaign against testing cosmetic products on animals, organized by Animal Friends, we have received a lot of positive reactions and numerous messages giving us support.

Although we are still working on the list with the names of Croatian firms which do or don't do this kind of inhuman experiments, we already have some information that are very interesting to more people every day.

The other part of this campaign applied to placing billboards all over the city which are warning Croatian consumers to buy only the products that haven't been tested on animals. Our work was followed by the newspaper Zarez, magazine Gloria, several daily newspapers and TV. We hope that this action will give results and that Croatian public will develop better sense for ethics while buying cosmetic and cleaning products.

The film "Lethal Medicine" very clearly and from the scientific point of view explains why experiments on animals are ineffective and unacceptable, and also which are advantages of alternative research.

Experiments on animals aren't regulated by a single law and they aren't requested to show the safety of the products. It's a paradox that we can find on shelves of many supermarkets and drugstores those products that hurt and kill animals. The results of such testing are unreliable because of the differences between animal species, their age, sex and temperament. Many companies can't manage to repeat the results even in the same terms of testing.

The real reason of these experiments is in fact the fear of law sues. Experiments give apparent that the products are safe, but there are possible indications and consequences of their use. Also, they insure profit to people who order these testing.

That kind of industry, that does experiments on animals, annually earns several billion dollars, and more than thousand products, which don't provide safety for human health, are shipped to our stores, in our neighborhoods.



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