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Oleum Maris is a young company founded in 2005. on the grounds of diversity, tolerance and unity.

Oleum Maris owners showed courage for new beginnings raising the largest olive grove in southern Istria on fire devastated land. Together with the support of the local community and their own funds, they have opted for new challenges by starting a company based on the principles of corporate social responsibility.

Their olive grove of 56 hectares with 15,000 trees is situated in a prime location for growing olives at an altitude of 60-120m above sea level, only 4.5 km from the sea, between Vodnjan on the north side and Pula on the south side.

They grow five indigenous varieties of olives: Vodnjanska Buza, Istrian Bjelica, Rosignola, Zizolera and Buza puntoza, and two foreign varieties: Leccino and Pendolino.


Extra virgin olive oil 'Oio Vivo' [ 164.28 Kb ]Istrian olive oil Oio Vivo is a natural product, with its juice squeezed from the fruit of indigenous varieties of young, fresh olives from pure varietal olive groves. It preserves all valuable biological and nutritional ingredients, especially polifenoli. Extra virgin olive oil Oio Vivo currently makes a palette of three varietal olive oils of indigenous varieties of olives

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