Baiting the Trap

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by Tony Saunders

"Tony Saunders tells it how it is. He is one of the heroes of the RSPCA" - David Grant, RSPCA and BBC vet, author of the Tales from the Animal Hospital

The work of the RSPCA is well known to us all. But in BAITING THE TRAP, the truth is finally revealed about the Special Operation Unit of the RSPCA, formed to combat those who actively promote the mistreatment of animals for enjoyment or financial benefit. These criminals are highly dangerous, prepared to hurt and even kill those who stand in their way. And for the last twenty years, there has been only one full-time RSPCA undercover operative who has fought to stop these organized acts of animal cruelty.

Tony Saunders' love of animals began at an early age, so when it came to finding a job, a carrer working for the RSPCA was the only choice for him. And after being a highly succesful inpector, the Special Operations Unit beckoned. Formed to counter the alarming growth in the illegl trading of endangered species, the rise of the badger-baiting, dog fighting and cock fighting, the SOU gave Tony the opportunity he was looking for: to cut off cruelty at its source. Trained by elite police units and the legendary SAS, Tony knew he must go further than anyone had before to make a difference; to save the lives of thousands of innocent creatures mistreated for money and pleasure. This is the true story of a true hero.

"Gripping and authentic. If the Special Operations Unit is the RSPAC's SAS, Tony Saunders is its Andy McNab" - Ken Connor, author of Ghost Force: The Secret History of the SAS

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