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11/19/2020 Trawlers - one of the main enemies of the sea

Animal Friends Croatia drew attention to the rapid destruction and extinction of the oceans and seas, including the Adriatic Sea, where life has already been halved. Due to intensive fishing and the growing impact of climate change, 50% of the fauna and flora in the Adriatic and the western Mediterranean have disappeared! "Those who fish and those who consume life torn from the depths of the sea are also to blame for the death of the sea, but also the competent institutions that do not pass even the most basic prohibitions. But one should not ignore one of the main enemies of the sea and all life in it: trawlers and trawler nets. Wherever they pass, they leave only destruction and desolation on the seabed ", point out AFC. The devastating effects of trawlers on marine life were warned by the United Nations Secretary-General, who reported back in 2006 that 95 percent of the damage to the marine ecosystem worldwide was caused by trawlers tearing the seabed.

11/12/2020 Fish pain is the same

Animal Friends Croatia put out billboards in Split, Rijeka, Zadar, Zagreb, and other cities to raise awareness that fish are sentient beings who feel pain. Contrary to outdated and unfounded opinion, fish feel pain just as much as humans - this is the message of the posters created in collaboration with the world's largest organization for the protection and rights of animals, PETA. Posters depicting a woman on a hook are intended to raise consciousness and compassion for all beings, whether they have fur, feathers, or shells. Neurobiologists have long recognized that fish have nerves and brains, which allow them to feel pain and nervous systems that respond to pain. They call on everyone to replace eating fish and other animals with healthier, more ecological, and ethical variants, ie various vegan products, which are intended for everyone.

11/10/2020 AFC condemns killing more than 17 million minks due to covid-19

News has spread around the world that a mutated form of the human-spreading coronavirus has appeared on mink farms in Denmark, which could reduce the effectiveness of future vaccines because, although it does not cause a more severe form of Covid-19, antibodies do not attack it. The Animal Friends Croatia reacted to the announcement that Denmark, the world's largest exporter of mink fur, will kill more than 17 million of these animals. "What they should have done a long time ago is to completely ban the disgusting farming and cruel death of animals for a trivial reason such as wearing fur and to divert breeders to other, humane jobs,” says AFC. They believe that this pandemic, related to the exploitation of animals for fur, will accelerate the process of legal bans on fur farming in all member states of the EU, but also in other parts of the world. This would stop the ruthless killing of animals and prevent environmental pollution, unnecessary depletion of natural resources, and the emergence of new pandemics. 

11/05/2020 AFC filed criminal charges against Osijek Zoo

Horrified by the negligence of the Osijek Zoo administration, which allowed the wounded lioness to suffer for weeks before she was given help to end her suffering and euthanize her, the Animal Friends Croatia filed criminal charges with the competent state attorney's office. "Zoos are places of great suffering for animals anyway, but to fail to help an animal that is obviously suffering is a crime of grave neglect, which is why we filed a criminal complaint," they say from AFC. They add that the outcome could have been different had the treatment started immediately or at least the weeks-long suffering of the lioness could have been shortened. The lioness, who underwent surgery on September 15, 2020, for dental problems, suffered paresis of her right hind leg as a result of being placed under anesthesia. Due to the sensation of tingling in the hind leg, the lioness began to injure herself and within a few weeks, she bit off a third of her foot. Despite warnings from caretakers that the lioness was self-harming, the management of the Osijek Zoo ignored the suffering of the animal and reacted only after the media published footage of the severely wounded lioness. Management concluded that the unfortunate lioness would remain permanently disabled and killed the animal after a month of her suffering.

The number of news found: 4.

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