An Essay by Nina Coric

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What do "Green People" Want in These Gray Times

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dunja and my favorite color is green. I don't wear fur, because fur hurts; I don't eat meat, because animals are my friends; I don't wear ivory or coral jewelry, because there is no need to kill for beauty; I don't visit circuses that use animals, because cruelty isn't entertainment; I don't use products tested on the animals, because there is alternative; I don't visit zoos, because everybody has a right to be free...

Let me introduce some of my friends. Some of them for years visit poor countries and help those who need their help the most, and occasionally they join protests against the war. Others spend weeks on the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean cleaning the oil stains off the beaches, birds and other sea animals. And some of them encourage us and give us strength with their prayers and positive energy.

Many people support our work, but there is even more of those who criticize us. We've learned by experience that those who object the most are the ones who help the least to others, humans and nonhumans. That special kind of people (we'll reveal you their name later) have a special philosophy of life "Eat, wear and destroy" They often tell us that our 'obsession with saving the world' is just one of the phases of growing up. Did they learn that from experience? Is it possible that youth and dreams can get a man so disappointed, so he forgets all about them, he looses the shine out off his eyes, his face becomes wrinkled, and he becomes the "gray man?" If that's the truth, we never want to grow up!!!! One day, when "gray man" becomes a parent, what kind of bedtime stories will he tell to his child? Will he tell him about blue oceans and amazing creatures that sleep there? Will he tell him about great mountains and blue skies? Will he know to tell him the most beautiful fairytale about stars and the moon? Will he have the courage and admit that the young make the world go on...

Don't forget that man hasn't always been "gray." We are all born "green," but the "gray" ones, using inappropriate education and wrong beliefs, teach their children not to ask questions that require hard answers. They teach their children to take everything for granted and not to worry about others as much as for their own prosperity... because ''you can't trust anyone these days''...


We protest, because children are sincere and don't like hearing lies!

We protest, because children have the right to know: that the sky hasn't always been gray; that animals haven't always been cloned; that Mediterranean monk seals used to live in our sea; that without love and understanding world can't become a better place!

We protest, because they don't tell children that there are people who daily work, protest, fight, hope and help trying to prevent one more species (either animals or plants) from becoming just one more legend...

It's selfish to just sit and watch, while life and opportunities go by. The "gray man" will stay blind until he himself decides to watch and to see. Only when we realize that our right for freedom doesn't give us the right to deprive others of it, we'll be able to change ourselves and the way we treat all others. There's a thin line between cruelty of a man towards man and cruelty of a man towards nature, and there's a huge possibility that this line will soon disappear.

What do "green people" want in these gray times? LIFE AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!

by Nina Coric

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