The Cruel Deception

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by Dr Robert Sharpe

Vivisection is a subject charged with emotion and one that is often hotly debated. Whether you are an animal rights campaigner, simply love your pet dog or even not very fond of animals at all, very few people would want to see animals suffer unnecessarily. Vivisection in the name of medical research seems to be necessary - but is it?

Robert Sharpe makes his own valuable contribution to the debate with this thoroughly researched book. He presents the scientific facts - often very difficult or impossible for the public to gain access to - together with the opinions of scientists and other professionals in the field. If you have ever wondered exactly what vivisection involves and whether there are alternatives, read this book.

Robert Sharpe exposes for you the bitter truth, which is the "cruel decption."

"As a description, analysis and radical critique of animal-based medical research, The Cruel Deception undoubtly surpasses any comparable book currently available to an English-speaking audience." - Times Higher Education Supplement

"Robert Sharpe writes with cool and admirable scientific precision. His book provides clearly and arguably that vivisection is both evil and unnecessary. If you care about animals, you should read it - even though it will make you weep with sadness, shiver with shame and burn with anger." - Dr Vernon Coleman

"Required reading for medical students and doctors who labour under the misapprehension that animal research helps promote human health." - Dr Edward J.H. Moore, Community Medicine Specialist, Royal Infirmary, Dundee

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