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"Vivisection is the blackest of all of the black crimes that man is at present commiting against God and His fair creation. It ill becomes us to invoke in our daily prayers the blessings of God, the Compassionate, if we in turn will not practise elementary compassion towards our fellow creatures." - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Petition for better Animal Protection Act

Petition for better Animal Protection Act

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On Wednesday, the Constitutional Court in Spain voted eight to three to reverse a law that banned bullfighting, which had been passed by the Catalonian Parliament in 2010. The court called the ban "unconstitutional" and said their decision was driven by protecting the cultural traditions of bullfighting in the autonomous Catalan state. "The Constitutional Court of Spain has undermined the will of the vast majority of Catalans—who want nothing to do with bloody bullfighting spectacles, in which animals are repeatedly speared and stabbed to death," PETA International Director Mimi Bekhechi said. Spanish residents have expressed opposition to the sport in recent years and attendance at bullfights has fallen drastically. In 2015, the European Parliament voted to halt the $110 million in agricultural subsidies that Spain received annually for raising bulls for bullfighting.

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Book of the Month - Alexandra Jamieson: Living Vegan For Dummies Living Vegan For Dummies by Alexandra Jamieson

Are you thinking about becoming a vegan? Already a practicing vegan? More than 3 million Americans currently live a vegan lifestyle, and that number is growing. Living Vegan For Dummies is your one-stop resource for understanding vegan practices, sharing them with your friends and loved ones, and maintaining a vegan way of life.


Animals deserve rights, regardless of how they taste or how convenient it is to experiment on them. Like humans, animals are capable of suffering and have an interest in leading their own lives. They are not ours to use for food, clothing, experimentation, or entertainment.

As an activist, you can educate people in your community and positively affect their attitudes and lifestyles. You just need the desire to generate positive change and to believe that your voice and actions matter...




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