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04/08/2021 Starbucks Faces Oat Milk Shortages Across US As Demand Soars

Coffee giant Starbucks is facing an oat milk shortage across the US due to ‘high demand’. The chain first trialed the plant milk, created by Oatly, in 1,300 US stores last year. Following its success, it was then rolled out nationwide last month. A Starbucks spokesperson told CNN Business: “Due to high demand, some customers may experience a temporary shortage of oat milk at their store.” The spokesperson added that oat milk will be back on the menu ‘soon’ – but didn’t provide a specific time frame. The push for non-dairy milk is part of the company’s Pathway to a Planet Positive Future initiative. It seeks to slash carbon emissions, water, and waste by 50 percent in the next decade. “Our Planet Positive initiatives have a central role in our long-term business strategy, and directly address what our customers are asking for,” said Kevin Johnson, Starbucks chief executive officer. “We are moving toward a more circular economy, and we are doing so in a very intentional, transparent, and accountable way.” (

04/06/2021 No Animal Left Behind: Why no animal should suffer from poor health

As part of their campaign ‘No Animal Left Behind’, Eurogroup for Animals released their first demand today: Good Health. Animal welfare laws should ensure that animals are healthy, fit and whole. Yet, billions live in preventable pain every day, breathless, injured, diseased, in misery. Animals deserve to feel strong and full of life, to want to run and swim and peck and play. It’s not enough to exist; they should thrive. They call on the EU Commission to commit to ambitiously revise the EU animal welfare legislation. They demand that no animal should be deliberately mutilated: its tail or beak chopped short; its body so overstretched it cannot stand straight. Yet, painful injuries, deformities and fractures are commonly seen in broiler chickens: They often go untreated. Fish are increasingly farmed for food, but the lack of legal protection has meant that they often suffer greatly. Farmed fish are often kept in overcrowded cages, are handled regularly, and are in the process of being bred for growth over any other function, all of which cause considerable stress and health issues. For good health, fish need space and clean water so that they can swim freely, perform natural behaviors, and avoid disease and injuries. 

04/01/2021 Easter in a Vegan Style

Easter is a time when eggs are ruthlessly consumed, and only a few people think about where they come from and what price animals, the environment, and, ultimately, our health pay for it. Therefore, Animal Friends Croatia says that ham, scrambled eggs, sausages, French salad, as well as various cakes and other traditional dishes, can be made without any ingredients of animal origin, and in addition to being much healthier for our body, their choice saves many animals and at the same time we protect our environment. "More than 50 million tons of eggs are produced in the world every year, although we do not need these cholesterol bombs and potential salmonella carriers in our diet at all," says AFC. They invite everyone to celebrate this Easter sympathetically: “Do not buy eggs for coloring, use wooden ones that are more durable and beautiful. Don’t buy rabbits or chickens as entertainment for children because animals are not toys, and if you want to help animals and have the conditions for them, visit a nearby shelter and adopt a dog or a cat. Prepare delicious meals without eggs and meat for Easter and directly help animals, the environment and your health.”

The number of news found: 3.

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