04/26/19 Ministry of Health Supports the Ban of Firecrackers

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Alongside the Ministry of Science and Education and the Ministry of Tourism, another ministry supported the change of the Explosive Substances Act

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- The report on casualties in 2019 indicates that it is high time for concrete legal changes

The use of pyrotechnic devices, despite serious injuries they cause each year on both humans and animals, is still permitted from December 27 until January 1. During the rest of the year it is forbidden to use these types of devices, and rightfully so.

Animal Friends Croatia, with the support of many citizens and establishments, continues to advocate the ban on the use of pyrotechnic devices in the F2 and F3 category during the entire year. They emphasize that after the new reports on injuries caused by pyrotechnic devices during the New Year’s celebrations in 2019 it is high time to change Explosive Substances Act and ban the use of all dangerous explosive devices.

Current law regulations do not allow cities and municipalities to forbid the use of such devices on their territory; however, there are some initiatives in that direction as well. It is especially absurd that the use of firecrackers is allowed in the period when there are no celebrations, between December 27 and December 30.

The profit of manufacturers of such dangerous explosive devices cannot be more important than the public interest and common good. Money is not something that can replace lost fingers, a child’s sight or a killed dog. Firecrackers are not necessary for celebrating New Year’s Eve, and no one should spend days in fear and mourning of their loved ones because of a celebration. Also, money spent on firecrackers can be used to help someone.

Alongside the Ministry of Science and Education and the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Health also supported the campaign to ban firecrackers throughout the year emphasizing that each year, during the New Year’s season, they encounter consequences caused by pyrotechnic devices, despite numerous warnings.

A pediatric surgeon from a clinic for pediatric surgery in Clinical Hospital Center Rijeka states that injuries caused by pyrotechnic devices can cause permanent disability. Children can lose one or several fingers on their hands or sustain injuries such as tissue, nerve, tendon and bone damage and serious burns on their hands and faces. The recovery from these types of injuries is long and requires several surgeries, while consequences last a lifetime.

In the 21st century, there are more appropriate ways to celebrate; there is no need for blown-up fists, lost eyesight and psychological shocks that are caused by explosive devices. So far, no one from the Ministry of Interior Affairs gave an answer to this question relevant to the security of all citizens and the common good, so a concrete move in the direction of changing the Explosive Substances Act is still pending.

Animal Friends continue to promote the campaign to ban firecrackers and citizens are invited to sign a petition that can be found here.

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