04/07/23 Easter with delicious vegan dishes

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Animal Friends Croatia brings recipes and tips on how to make vegan Easter dishes

- With seitan ham in bread, vegan egg and cake for the most delicious Easter meal

Even the birds on the branch know that just about any dish, i.e. its texture and taste, can be easily turned to vegan with the help of a good selection of ingredients and spices. Recipes of dishes brought by Animal Friends Croatia on the occasion of Easter will satisfy even the pickiest of gourmets!

On the occasion of Easter, they offer several recipes that are a much better option for the environment, our health and, of course, animals, which are the most common reason why people choose a vegan lifestyle. According to Animal Friends Croatia, it is hypocritical to celebrate the victory of life over death with the dead bodies of those who want to live as much as we do and with products that came to our table as a result of animal abuse. For a traditional family get-together at a full table, they recommend a sympathetic option: spring cream soup with peas and spinach, seitan ham in bread served with spring onion and horseradish sauce, protein salad, vegan egg and cake.

Every year, the consumption of eggs in Croatia increases drastically in the month when Easter is celebrated. It is estimated that around 80 million eggs will be consumed in April this year. But many do not know about the price that animals pay so that so many eggs reach our tables. Millions of chickens are locked in cramped cages or spend their whole lives in hangars, condemned to constantly lay eggs until they end up in the slaughterhouse completely exhausted. They suffer from having their beaks cut off with a red-hot iron, and their physical and psychological suffering is ignored in breeding by keeping them under the light of artificial lamps and 22 hours a day to manipulate their psyches and bodies.

The egg industry is also extremely cruel to male chickens, whose first day of life is also their last due to the fact that they cannot make a profit from them. It is estimated that hundreds of millions of male chickens are killed every year in the EU in the egg industry, by gassing or grinding them alive. Animal Friends Croatia reminds everyone that eggs are a product that no one needs, and at the same time, they are a cholesterol bomb and a potential carrier of salmonella.

They also state that the fact that the World Health Organization declared red meat to be possibly carcinogenic and warned that it increases the risk of early death. This is another good reason to choose a delicious and healthy seitan ham for the holiday meal. Today, vegan chocolate eggs are also available, and cake and other cakes are easy to make without eggs and cow's milk.

They also say that instead of buying rabbits, chickens, and other animals that will be forgotten after Easter, everyone who has the conditions should adopt a dog or a cat and thus selflessly help. Wooden eggs are ethically and ecologically the most correct and will last for tens of years. "We don't have to give up tradition, but cruelty that shouldn't go with tradition," Animal Friends Croatia concludes.

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