08/06/20 Challenge 22 has been launched in Croatia!

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Croatia is getting and producing her version of popular International vegan challenge

- 425.000 people in the world have already signed-up for this challenge; its ambassador in Croatia is a popular pig named Super Ljilja

Animals' Friends Organization, which manages their own Veggie challenge for years, invites everyone to join this new initiative in Croatia! „If you would like to try veganism for 22 days with a group of people exactly like you, if you need a positive and supportive environment, if you wonder what to consume prior to exercise or how to get enough iron and protein, or would simply like to know how a vegan diet positively affects your health, then Challenge 22 is exactly what you're looking for“ – states organization Victorias from Osijek, which has designed and conceptualized a Croatian version of this popular International vegan challenge where anyone may join simply by fulfilling application on www.superizazov22.com.

Challenge 22 is an interactive program that offers a unique combination of support in a Facebook group as well as personal mentoring, and it is designed in a way that lets everyone who is participating - a free Internet framework for trying veganism in a period of 22 days. It has been introduced by the organization Victorias but is originally a project of Israel's Animals Now organization, who has been a partner in launching a challenge here. More than 425 000 people from all around the globe have already participated in this challenge since its initiation in March 2014.

Along with experienced mentors, the program is supervised by certified nutritionists which offer dietary advice to participants. The main ambassador of this challenge is popular and loved Croatian pig and the sweetest advocate of solidarity and non-violence – Super Ljilja, whose mission is to make the world a better place for all its inhabitants. Ljilja has opened many hearts and inspired and encouraged many to consider how our dietary choices affect animals, our health, environment, and global population.

Industrial animal farming in the food industry causes tremendous suffering of billions of pigs, cows, chicken, fish, and other animals which are sensory creatures and have very complex relations and social life. Today, it is widely accepted that plant-based diet offers numerous advantages in relation to a diet based on animal products – it has many positive advantages to the environment as well, including preservation of biodiversity, more sustainable utilization of Earth resources and struggling with climate change.

All that care for creating a better world and pursuing equality may also apply to previously mentioned Veggie challenge, led and managed by Animal Friends Croatia.

By applying to Veggie challenge through web page www.veganopolis.net, all interested participants receive useful advice, facts, interesting things as well as information about vegan diet with tasteful and simple vegan meals recipes that anyone can make with just a little effort and will, by making benefit for their own health and for the health of animals as well as all people and this planet itself.

On Veganopolis there is also a service named Vegan Buddy through which participants pick their own mentor whom they can ask questions or meet with and go for a coffee – with plant-based milk, of course.

„What we eat and the way we see our diet has stopped being personal or individual matter and we must understand how it affects human health, global population, environment, and animals because without biodiversity there is no future for humankind“ – states organization Victorias and Animal Friends Croatia. They also add that we all need to be the change that we want to see in the world.

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