04/13/22 Why and How to Celebrate Easter with Vegan Dishes

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Animal Friends Croatia state it is possible to preserve the tradition without meat or eggs

- Suggested recipes that help mix tradition and plant-based ingredients into delicacies for the entire family

At Easter, Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and celebrate his victory over death, and even those who don’t believe tend to have traditional family gatherings around rich and plentiful tables. Animal Friends Croatia states that there is no better place than the Easter table to pause and contemplate the value of every life: “Breaking Easter bread is a perfect time to break up with one of the most violent places on Earth – the slaughterhouse.” They add that it has never been easier to replace the most common dishes on the Easter table with plant-based ones that are much better for the environment, health, and, naturally, for millions of lives that we can save following a plant-based diet. They propose holiday recipes for a different version of traditional and compassionate Easter: stinging nettle and chickpea soup, seitan ham served alongside Russian salad with home-made vegan mayo, spring onions and radishes, horseradish sauce, vegan sunny-side-up eggs, vegan sweet Easter bread and a refreshing lemon cake.

Animal Friends Croatia is shocked by the estimate that a staggering 30 million eggs and 1,700 tonnes of ham will be consumed in Croatia during this period. They state that hens are genetically manipulated, laying as many as 300 eggs a year, even though, in nature, they lay up to 12 eggs only for reproduction purposes, as is the case with other birds. They note that the insatiable human appetite for eggs, which they do not need and which are also cholesterol bombs and potential sources of salmonella, is linked to incredible cruelty – around 5 billion male chicks are culled every year as they are considered to be of no use to the industry. Animal Friends Croatia suggests we eat the tasty and healthy seitan ham or any other type of plant-based meat instead of ham, which has, like other red meat, been proclaimed by the World Health Organization as cancerogenic and a factor in premature deaths.

“Binging on eggs and meat should not be a trademark of a holiday celebrating life. The Croatian word for Easter (Uskrs) comes from an old Slavic word for growth and development. Celebrating Easter in a traditional and compassionate manner is a perfect combination that doesn’t involve anyone dying and that really celebrates life” adds Animal Friends Croatia. The Association is calling on the public to choose wooden eggs instead of hen eggs for coloring, to fill their baskets with fruits and vegetables, to opt for stuffed toys instead of buying teddies or chicks for children’s entertainment, and to open their homes to sheltered dogs and cats only if they are prepared to care for them long-term, take them to vets and spend time every day with the new family member.

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