Protected Bird Species in Slavonski Brod Confiscated

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Based on Animal Friends' inquiry, according to Article 180, Item 3, of Animal Welfare Act, Inspection of Nature Protection - Office Djakovo informed us on January 13, 2006 about the following:

Inspection of Nature Protection, on January 11, 2006, during an confiscated inspection from two Croatian citizens 19 protected birds of the following species: 9 goldfinch, 2 linne, 6 ornith, and 2 bullfinch.

Higher inspector of nature protection Mr. Zeljko Vukovic from Inspection of Nature Protection Office in Djakovo with assistance of police-officers from police station in Brodsko-posavska District carried out the supervision and concluded that the birds were obtained, hunted and bred illegally, to be crossbred with canaries with purpose of getting crossbreeds (bastions), which reach the price of about 250 kuna on our market.

Considering the fact that hunting, trading, breeding, propagation and just holding protected bird species is forbidden by Law for Nature Protection with penalties from 7,000–30,000 kuna, Inspection of Nature Protection Directorate confiscated found birds and filed a report to competent court in Slavonski Brod.

After performed action to repress illegal holding of protected animal species, majority of birds were sheltered in a State Asylum for Confiscated Protected Animals, because these birds were in captivity for several years, but 3 goldfinches were set free, because they were caught in nature only a few days before.

The estimated value of the confiscated birds was 13,000 kuna.

Confiscated goldfinch [ 52.56 Kb ]Confiscated bullfinchs [ 130.04 Kb ]



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