Parrot Smugle Attempt to Croatia Averted

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A Citizen of Serbia Attempted to Smuggle Parrots

Border crossing "Batina" – November 11, 2006. The Inspection of Nature Protection of the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the customs and the police at the border crossing Batina prevented the protected parrot species smuggling attempt from Serbia to Croatia.

In the early morning hours the Serbian citizen tried to smuggle the birds in the car glove compartment and in his jacket's sleeves to Croatia.

Senior inspector of the Nature Protection of the Ministry of Culture Zeljko Vukovic carried out determination of the birds and established that this concerns nine protected parrot specimens. The Serbian citizen wrapped the birds in stockings so they would be as calm as possible during transport.

The Nature Protection inspector also carried out the estimate of the exotic birds' market value which would reach the price of 3,750 kunas in Croatia.

Since the mentioned Nature Protection Law offender did not have the necessary permission from the Ministry of Culture the inspector delivered a misdemeanor order with the penalty of 7,000 kunas while the birds were taken away and bestowed by the state shelter for impounded and protected animals in Rusica.

Parrot in shelter Ruscica [ 41.88 Kb ]Confiscated parrots [ 36.17 Kb ]



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