Prevention of Smuggling of Highly Endangered Bird of Prey

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At the border crossing "Stara Gradiska" – in the night of the January 18-19, 2007, the Nature Protection Inspectorate of the Croatian Ministry of Culture, branch Djakovo, in cooperation with the border police prevented the smuggling of highly protected bird species from Bosnia and Herzegovina into the Republic of Croatia.

Inspection surveillance was conducted by the senior inspector of nature protection Zeljko Vukovic. He stated that a citizen of the Republic of Croatia intended to smuggle an exemplar of the highly endangered species of birds of prey from Bosnia and Herzegovina into the Republic of Croatia. Determination of the species also was conducted by the same senior inspector who confirmed that the bird is a Sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus) which is listed as highly protected on the list of highly endangered ornithological species in the Rulebook for Declaring of Endangered Species of Wild Animals. The value of the bird was estimated at 2,400 kuna.

After the surveillance the bird was taken away by the inspectorate and transferred to the State Sanctuary for Confiscated Protected Animal Species "Ruscica" and legal measures were taken against the perpetrator.

Confiscated Accipiter nisus [ 46.34 Kb ]



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