06/27/11 Unfounding of the Information Centers

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To the Veterinary Inspectors

June 27, 2011

Subject: Charge for violations of the Animal Protection Act for the unfounding of the information centers

Dear Sirs and Madams:

Based on the numerous complaints that we often receive from dissatisfied citizens, we file a charge for non-compliance of the provisions of Article 57 and 58 of the Animal Protection Act.

Specifically, local governments that are legally obligated to fund the establishment and operation of shelters (Article 56, paragraph 4), must "... organize an information center for lost and abandoned animals and must make information on the animals available to the public, other animal shelters in the territory of the Republic of Croatia and the competent authority." (Article 58, paragraph 1).

As a result of the unfounding of the information center, dissatisfied citizens have not been able to receive information about lost animals, which resulted in their loss in terms of material damage to the animal and were exposed to emotional stress and pain. Also, as a consequence a rising number of abandoned animals that need to be taken care of appears, as information centers proved to help the citizens (for example, the information center of the city of Zagreb), abandoned animals and reduce financial costs.

Accordingly, please make an urgent inspection and investigate the circumstances of the unfounding of the information center more than four years from the date of entry into force of the Animal Protection Act around the area of the local communities for which you are responsible.

In this regard, please determine the responsibility of the competent persons and apply the penal provisions of the Animal Protection Act (Article 67, paragraph 1, item 59), together with legally appropriate fines between 30,000 and 50,000 kuna.

Please notify us in writing on actions taken, as well as on the completion of the procedure, so that we can provide appropriate information to interested media and individuals.


Luka Oman


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