01/10/11 Report against CRPK

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Veterinary Office Zagreb
Branch office Karlovac
Mrs. Branka Horvatic, The inspector
V. Macek 26
47000 Karlovac

January 10, 2011

Subject: Report against CRPK Ltd., Dog shelter, Karlovac
1. Inspection Supervision - required
2. Starting the reconstruction process – required

Dear Ms. Horvatic,

Based on our personal knowledge and investigation of our colleague from Germany, Mr. Volker Fritzemeier and attached photos, we are submitting this charges against the CRPK Ltd., Dog shelter, Karlovac.

On October 28, 2010 Mr. Fritzemeier personally visited the dog shelter, owned by Vladimir Petric and Vesna Lemic, to be sure on the status and implementation of the care on abandoned animals. Findings that have emerged suggest that the conditions for keeping and handling dogs are illegal and irregular on the damage of animals, city of Karlovac and citizens who finance this activity.

Here are violations, as follows below:

1. Dogs were locked in small cages with inappropriate dimensions: 60x90 cm and 70 cm in height standing out in the open without any protection from the weather - snow, rain, wind and coldness. Dogs are standing on the bars. Another row of small metal cages with inappropriate dimensions: 80x130 cm and 110 cm in height, serves just as a place for keeping the dogs without the possibility to move. Animals do not have the possibility to move freely. The cages are cleaned infrequently, so big part of the day, the dogs are forced to stay in their own faeces and even eating it.

Stated facts indicate the breach of the provisions:

2. Within the building dogs suffer in moisture, dark and cold environment. They do not have a dry place to lie down and during the cleaning with water from hoses, dogs remain inside the box and they are exposed to cold water.

Stated facts indicate breach of the provisions:

3. Dogs are not marked by a microchip, instead they wear the chain around their neck with a brass tag whose label does not apply with the provisions of the Ordinance on labeling Pass ("Official Gazette", no. 72/10).

Stated facts indicate a permanent violation of the provisions:

4. Dogs are not vaccinated against rabies. This has been personally confirmed to Mr. Fritzemeier by on Dr. Brosovic who was on duty. The dogs are chipped and vaccinated only when they find a foster parent or when they take animal to other organizations for animal protection. All this is illegal and despite the fact that the cost was already charged to the city of Karlovac thereby CRPK Ltd. acquires unlawful material gain.

Stated facts indicate a permanent violation of the provisions:

5. In the possession of the CRPK Ltd., Shelter dog, Karlovac is between 90 and 100 dogs, but only one person of the stuff within the Shelter area who takes care about animals.

The above facts indicate a violation of the provisions:

Following all these violations, we are asking you, on the basis of evidence which are attached to this report, witness statements and personal investigation, to take action against the owner and responsible person of the CRPK Ltd. Shelter dog, Karlovac under the authority of Article 61, paragraphs 1, 2, 4 and 5 of the Animal Protection Act ("Official Gazette", no. 135/06) and make a decision in terms of initiating misdemeanor proceedings for the application of criminal provisions of Articles 66 and 67 of the Animal Protection Act.
Furthermore, an offenses which are in such numbers and such a specific nature, we ask you, dear Inspector, to submit the request for licence renewal with the competent Ministry, according to article under section 42 paragraph 1 and 2 within the meaning of Article 123, paragraph 1 of the General Administrative Procedure Act ("Official Gazette", no. 47/09. - Hereinafter: GAPA).

Also, please inform us, in wiritng, on the measures and action taken regarding this case referring to Article 83, paragraph 1 and article 84, paragraph 1 ZUP.

With respect,

Volker Fritzemeier

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