09/12/11 Request to Terminate Contract with the Veterinary Station Vetam

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The City of Osijek
Mr. Kresimir Bubalo, dipl. oec., mayor
Kuhaceva 9
31000 Osijek

September 12, 2011

Dear Mr. Bubalo,

Regarding the article "Pound Vetam penalized with 10,000 Kuna," which was published on September 1, 2011 on web pages of t-portal, we are free to ask you to immediately cancel all contracts with the mentioned veterinary clinic. Because of this conviction by the Offence court of the city of Osijek, and also because of other irregularities, we believe it is inappropriate and unacceptable to spend funds of dissatisfied citizens for improper or illegal problem solving for uncared animals in your town.

Again, we draw attention to the work of association Victories, whose members put tremendous efforts into registering a shelter they take care of with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development. Thus, the City of Osijek would meet all requirements of the Animal Protection Act requires and get more for the benefit of a whole community - a shelter for neglected animals that no one would be ashamed of, a place where animals stay until the new caretaker is found, which regularly advertise their wards to be adopted as soon as possible, implement programs of spaying/neutering, which, in addition to animal protection, has an educational function.

Please note that taking care of abandoned and injured cats is not resolved in your city, you do not have registered shelter for cats nor determined feeding places for cats, and cat spaying/neutering programs are not implemented by the city sponsorship. Moreover, by the city decision, you have banned animal feeding on public land, while you did not provide any alternative solution to citizens, which is unconstitutional and contrary to Animal Protection Act.

Therefore, we note with regret that the City of Osijek, which is run by you, supports illegal taking care of abandoned animals by the contract with Vetam. It also violates Animal Protection Act because it doesn't have organized informative center, no resolved issue to take care of cats, it doesn't have adoption, spaying/neutering and education programs and doesn't have a public support.

We believe that you will responsibly address these problems in the future, and as a first step on this path, to cancel the contract with Vetam, and then head to wiser managing of citizens' financial resources intended for fulfilling Animal Protection Act regulations, care, spaying/neutering and animal adoption, public education and animal protection in general. It is to be expected, as for the benefit of the City of Osijek, its citizens and proper care for animals, as well as for your responsibility and your reputation.

Our proposal for meeting in Zagreb and taking a tour of the Shelter for abandoned animals of the City of Zagreb remains unanswered, although we have repeatedly tried to make progress in this area over the last year and this year. We will be glad if you respond in order to learn about their positive practices, and we are also ready to meet you in Osijek.

Awaiting your prompt action and response, we send you warm regards.


Luka Oman
President of the Association



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