09/03/11 Request for Gradual Closing of Shelter SZZ-10 in the city Kutina

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Veterinary Inspection Directorate
Mr. sc. Gordan Jerbic, director
Miramarska 24
10000 ZAGREB

September 3, 2011

Subject: Request for gradual closing of shelter SZZ-10 in the city Kutina

Dear Mr. Jerbic,

In the past few days we have been alerted several times regarding the situation at the shelter in Kutina which is in the property of the Veterinary station Kutina d.o.o. and is situated at address V. Nazora 61, 44320 Kutina. Displeased citizens indicate on a closeness of the shelter to houses and gardens. The main problems are barking and feces that come into gardens out of dog cages.

The most unpleasant surprise is the fact that this shelter gained license to work by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development when it was evident that a sound barrier in any segment do not correspond to existing rules of a shelter construction. Furthermore, dog cages are located next to gardens and it is clear that no hygienic standards can be fulfilled. We have received reports of some other irregularities, and the fact is that this shelter is not working enough to get animals adopted but it euthanizes animals.

Animal Friends, as an association which advocates animal rights, urges you to protect animals in this situation and in accordance with the Animal Protection Act. We urge you to follow the procedure that is carried out in practice, and that is to close the shelter and announce deadline date until which animals need to be adopted.

We believe this solution could please dissatisfied citizens and at the same time inflict the least possible damage to the animals that are in this moment at the shelter.

We believe that city and commune authority on that area should be warned about legal obligations for organizing shelters and informative centers to find a good quality solution for animal care according to the Animal Protection Act and ethical principles of the 21st century in which euthanasia is not a solution.

The solutions, according to the Animal Protection Act and to European experience, are adoption programs and education which are shelter's primary tasks along with spaying/neutering programs and punishing irresponsible guardians.

We still expect your answer regarding sending letter about legal obligations in the name of the Veterinary inspection office to all local self-government, as it was done by the Veterinary office. Also, clear instruction and a warrant should be sent to veterinary inspectors on issuing decision to local self-governments which was already done by some independently or at our request.

We urge you not to approve work for shelters, former veterinary hygienic services or veterinary clinics which do not qualify for given standards according to the Rulebook and what is more important, not practicing a real function of a shelter. Aside from conditions, it is important to control a way of working which should be directed towards the spirit of Animal Protection Act and to animal protection itself and not just filling forms, which instead of solving the cause, lead to creating new problems.

We trust you to understand our requirements and justifications, and that you will proceed in accordance with the situation thinking about animal welfare as that your further work will be focused towards more effective implementation of the Animal Protection Act.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Luka Oman

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