Got Testicular Cancer? The Dairy Connection

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Testicular cancer is the most rampant cancer among young men in North America. The rates of testicular cancer have been steadily climbing over the last fifty years, yet there's been little data on dietary risk factors for this dreaded disease. A study published last month in the International Journal of Cancer changed all that.

Last month [Oct 2003], the biggest study on diet and testicular cancer ever conducted was published, studying the diets of hundreds of cancer victims. By far the strongest, most significant dietary risk factor associated with the cancer was the consumption of cheese. Those men that ate the most cheese were almost 90% more likely to develop cancer of the testicles. The investigators guessed that it may be the hormones in milk and dairy that were to blame. The second strongest dietary risk factor seemed to be the consumption of lunch meat.[1]

- Michael Gregor, M.D.


[1] International Journal of Cancer 106(2003):934.

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