The "For Croatia without Fur" Campaign 2009-2010

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Activists and supporters of Animal Friends gave their support to Zagreb's Ice Hockey Club Medvescak when they played in October, November and December 2009 and January 2010 against KAC Klagenfurt, Red Bull Salzburg, Vienna Capitals, Villach, Acroni Jesenice, and Alba Volan by unfolding a large several meters long banner reading "ANIMAL FRIENDS ADORE BEARS."

The Bears payed them back for their support for the "For Croatia without Fur" campaign – by undressing their representative!

Luka Novosel, the 26-year-old defender of Medvescak, undressed exclusively for this occasion for the new Animal Friends' campaign in order to draw attention and point out the suffering of animals for their fur. When joining this campaign, Luka Novosel said: "I joined this campaing because I love animals and if there is anything I can do for them, the least I can do is to get my picture taken and help animal protection. Fur should be where it belongs. On animals!"

Billboards with the slogan "REAL BEARS DON'T WEAR SOMEBODY ELSE'S FUR" will appear on the streets of Zagreb in the middle of January this year, while the fastest visitors of the Medvescak games will get postcards with the campaign's visual as a gift.

After the demos in Novi Sad, Osijek and Sarajevo, Animal Friends held the big anti-fur demo in Zagreb on Saturday, February 20. The protest march left from King Tomislav Square at 11 A.M. About hundred of loud protesters with banners passed the centre of Zagreb making stops at fur stores in order to light candles in the name of animals killed for glamour.

After 12 noon on Ban Josip Jelacic Square the animal rights activists held a minute of silence and laid a wreath by the coffin with body parts of killed animals turned into fur pieces of clothing in order to condemn the mass killings of living beings for fashion and profit.

Croatian celebrities Luka Nizetic, Fani Stipkovic and Sanja Duggan also joined the protest.

In October 2010 the marketing agency Bruketa&Zinic also joined the "For Croatia without Fur" campaign. In order to show that fur has nothing to do with fashion, the marketing agency Bruketa&Zinic designed an ad for Animal Friends entitled "Not All Have Evolved." Billboards and City Lights posters with this clear message about ethical and ecological unacceptability of wearing fur appeared in Zagreb and other towns in Croatia.

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