09/16/15 Chinchi Writes to Minister Jakovina!

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The organization Animal Friends Croatia forwards the appeal of chinchillas against their breeding for fur

- Wednesday, September 16, 2015. at 12 (noon), Ministry of Agriculture: Chinchi mascot delivering the letter to the minister

In his letter to the Croatian Parliament and before the commission that ought to make decisions in this matter, Minister Tihomir Jakovina wrote that the amendments to the Animal Protection Act in Croatia shall allow the breeding of chinchillas for fur, despite the fact that the eight-year transitional period has already passed, that there is a significant decline in breeding, and a clear will of the politicians and the public. As the result of this, the representative of chinchillas, Chinchi mascot, will deliver the letter to minister Jakovina on Wednesday September 16, 2015. at 12:00 (noon), in the Ministry of Agriculture (Ulica grada Vukovara 78, Zagreb). Animal Friends Croatia hereby forward the letter from Chinchi in its entirety:

Dear Minister,

when your predecessor in 2006 signed the Animal Protection Act banning the breeding of animals for their fur, we were grateful to see that Croatia has reunited and unanimously stood for our protection and thus demonstrated the political and ethical maturity. We hoped that after 10 years of what you call "transitional period", our suffering will come to an end.

Instead, we have experienced a new cognition that human being is capable of the greatest evil and that its cruelty is boundless. If someone else was in your place, they would use their power to encourage humane and progressive values, and not the unstoppable greed of the human race to accumulate profits on the blood of the innocent. How else to explain the intention to amend the ban on the breeding of animals for fur so that it excludes chinchillas, the only animal in Croatia that is bread in Croatia exclusively for that purpose?

Our letter is arising from sheer desperation and the horror of death that awaits us, just because we were born with fur. What is only fur, luxury apparel for you, is life for us. What some consider modern and sexy, for us is only what it is - flayed skin, numerous extinct invisible lives that you should care for.

When you see the small cages in which we are kept, you only see these cute little animals that are passively sitting or lying down. You do not care, because unlike us, you are not sentenced to life imprisonment, and that is only because we are chinchillas. In a confined space, with no possibility of jumping, which is natural for us, as the walking is natural for You, doomed to the boredom of life in a cage, constantly exposed to stress, many of us are endlessly repeating the same movements in a cage, many are refusing food, biting its own or someone else's fell, ears and tails.

Inspectors do not manage to investigate citizens' reports about mistreatment of dogs and cats, and you are expecting them to visit the breeders and verify whether we are sick, fed properly, are we lying there in a cage in pain, do we have the possibility to swim in the sand?

Did you know that we are monogamous in the nature, and that our breeders are forcing us to mate with multiple partners? They put collars around our necks, the collars that are wider than the size of the passage, so that we cannot get out of the cage, and that only males are allowed to move towards us to impregnate us. In your world this would be called rape and slavery, but it is justified when it comes to us.

Did you know that for one fur coat they kill 200 chinchillas? Do you know the sound of agony which comes from horrifying murders by injecting chloral hydrate solution into the abdominal cavity, breaking neck, electric shock through electrodes placed on the mouth and feet, suffocation in high concentrations of gasses in killing chambers? We scream and cry, unable to escape this ultimate horror.

Do not push Croatia backwards among the countries that cherish the profit of a few individuals more than the valuation of life! Wearing fur and fur trim is a reflection of ethical and environmental lack of awareness and extreme primitiveness. Are you ready to be remembered as the minister who has signed a death sentence for so many of us only because of human arrogance?

Humans love us because we are small and delicate, and we love life as well as all other beings, and humans are appalled that you wish to continue to torture and kill us for fur. Most breeders complied with the transitional period and stopped with the breeding, all the main political parties, including yours, have spoken out against breeding of animals for fur, and frankly the Stone Age is really long behind us.

Please respect the will of the citizens, government and parliament members who voted for the Animal Protection Act, and first of all respect our right to live, because our fur belongs to us! If you do this, you will give a great contribution to environmental protection. Do not leave the fur from our skinned bodies as your legacy, but proudly keep the ban on breeding animals for fur!

Kind regards,

Chinchi, on behalf of all imprisoned chinchillas

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