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Petra Friganovic as the face of Animal Friends' new project

- Image Haddad, Hippy Garden, I-Gle, Mitt moda, Modna kuca Mak, H & M, Marks & Spencer, Esprit and Topshop without fur!

As members of the Fur Free Alliance (FFA), a coalition that brings together more than 35 organizations from around the world for animal and environment protection and has the support of more than 10 million people, Animal Friends has launched the project "Fur Free Retailer - FFR". "Fur Free Retailer" is an international initiative with the aim of informing citizens about retailers that do not offer products (clothes, shoes, etc.) made of animal fur.

Petra Friganovic, the successful model and a vegetarian since birth has joined the project promotion "Fur Free Retailer," and will this month appear on Animal Friends' billboards. The photographer Jurica Sertic, also a vegetarian, took pictures of Petra Friganovic for "We Wear Compassion," the ad is designed by Maja Zaklan, while Valentina Pavlakovic was in charge of the make up.

Explaining why she became involved in this project, Petra said: "All my life I have been taught to respect all living creatures and not to go through life thinking only about myself, but with responsibility towards others. The invitation of Animal Friends to participate in the project 'Fur Free Retailer' is another way in which I can help the deprived, because I believe that each of us can do a lot, with every small step we take." She added: "Anyone who thinks that wearing fur is fashionable, has certainly missed the century. Animal fur is a product of suffering and death of innocent animals and does not belong on the catwalk - true fashion has surpassed it."

The promotion of "Fur Free Retailer" will be held at the press conference on Thursday, February 23, 2012, at 7 P.M. in Europa theater (Varsavska 3), and will be attended by Petra Friganovic. Support to this project will also be given by Croatian celebrities like Tihana Harapin Zalepugin, Sanja Duggan, Fani Stipkovic, Viktor Drago, Ivana Kovac, Anamarija Asanovic, Djurdjica Vorkapic, Kristina Vilk, Robert Boskovic, Nadija Bozic, Monika Hirzin, Aleksandra Dojcinovic, and others.

The proclamation "Fur Free Retailer" is already signed by Image Haddad, Hippy Garden, I-Gle, Mitt moda, Modna kuca Mak, H & M, Marks & Spencer, Esprit and Topshop. The retailers who joined this project will highlight the label "Fur Free Retailer". This information will help consumers to buy at these stores with confidence and by their purchase support those that do not sell real fur.

Considering that more than 75 million animals are being killed annually for their fur, the stores that do not sell fur promote non-violence to animals, help spread the message of compassionate fashion choices and follow the needs of consumers who are increasingly critical, careful and conscientious when purchasing.

The best proof of the increasing awareness of the clothing manufacturers and fashion designers of the cruel business that lies behind the fur industry are the statements made by Croatian designers Zrinka Haddad and Ivana Popovic. "People must have conscience no matter what kind of work they're engaged in. Ecology and fashion are closely tied... Today beautiful creations can be made of the most expensive synthetic fur," says Zrinka Haddad, while Ivana Popovic says: "People who wear fur regardless of their origins have no morals - it's like wearing the skin of a dead man, or better walking dressed up in the skin of someone who died a violent death."

Animals used for fur come from farms where they are forced to live in cages, and then are subjected to gassing, neck breaking or electrocution. Animals caught in the wild are forced to endure the suffering caused by trap, and are then brutally murdered.

The current Animal Protection Act of Croatia has banned breeding of animals for fur. Removing fur items from the offer in stores is a logical response to this legislation.

"Fur Free Retailer" is realized within the campaign "For Croatia without Fur" in collaboration with the Fur Free Alliance. In this project participated Cro-A-Porter, Design studio Zale, the City Office for Agriculture and Forestry of the City of Zagreb, Iskon, Arto, Europlakat, Vectordesign, Europa theater and Auto kuca Cindric.

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