Animal Friends is moving to a new office and need help

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If you yourself or someone you know can help with goods, services, volunteering or in any way for our new office, please contact us:

- painting walls, walls also need to be smoothed
- sanding and painting windows, outside requires fixing with putty first (windows are on both sides of the office space)
- changing windows and changing glass in windows which are broken
- procuring and setting laminate on floor
- procuring and setting wallpapers for whitewashing
- painting wooden partitions, doors and other woodwork
- varnishing parquet floors, sanding, fixing with putty
- installing a doorbell, or intercoms on two entrances
- servicing existing air conditioning if it is functional (the office is on the first floor, a flat roof is above)
- servicing existing old central heating system
- inspecting and restoration of electrical installations
- inspecting locks and doors
- installing control meters for gas, electricity and water
- material and minor construction tasks, i.e. putting up a partition wall where it is missing
- checking and plumbing in the toilet
- all kitchen elements: stove, refridgerator, kitchen furniture, faucets...
- office furniture: desks, shelves, partitions, drawers... for twenty work stations and functioning of the office
- decorating the interier, i.e. creating the layout of desks and work stations
- procuring Venetian blinds or something else to protect from the sun
- replacing and fixing the marquee or roof panels which have broken because of snow
- cleaning and washing of the office space in general
- signs, mailbox, name plates
- painting iron parts
- paving the staircase (at the moment it is made of concrete and indented in some places)
- decorating common parts of the space: staircase, yard, entrances
- unforseen works in the renovation
- transporting things and arranging the office
- setting up a network and connecting computers, phones and other office equipment
- finding a solution for parking for the company vehicle since the office does not have a parking space

You can contact us at:

Your help will be much appreciated!

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