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Photos: Let's wash the blood off our hands

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Poor conditions at animal shelter in Pula 01/17/2020

According to citizen reports, dirty bowls, bare concrete with faeces everywhere, dogs with self-inflicted injuries and full of anxiety, poorly done castrations, malnutrition and parasites are only part of the daily routine of dogs housed in a shelter in Pula. Animal Friends Croatia has received disturbing photos that confirm said claims. For this reason, the Animal Protection Network, made up of 52 animal welfare associations, filed a report with the State Inspectorate. It asks for detailed inspection over the activities in the shelter, especially since the Veterinary Station in Pula, although losing its concession in Pula itself, has another dozen contracts with cities and municipalities throughout Istria. The Animal Protection Network welcomes the decision of the City of Pula to discontinue its cooperation with the animal welfare shelter that is in such poor condition and to initiate the construction of its own shelter.

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