04/12/23 Almost 500,000 EU Citizens for Development of Life-saving Plant-based and Cultivated Meat

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Perfecting the technology for the production of cultivated meat would help solve hunger and the climate crisis

- Due to ignorance and fear, in the past people were against paper, cars, cucumbers and watermelon

While in Italy exists a baseless and unreasonable proposal to ban the production of cultivated meat in order to save the „agricultural-food heritage”, citizens are signing the initiative that advocates the development of exactly this saving meat. Almost 500,000 Europeans with their signature on endtheslaughterage.eu asked the European Commission to end livestock subsidies and to shift to plant-based and cultivated meat in order to reduce the devastating impact of animal breeding.

Already on April 27th, 2022, the European Commission approved the European citizens’ initiative „Let’s End the Slaughterhouse Era” which was signed by the Italian activist Nicolas Micheletti. The aim of the initiative, which was also joined by the Animal Friends Croatia association and is collecting signatures for Croatia, is greater investment in further development of plant-based and cultivated meat based on innovative technology that can, at the same time, end slaughterhouses and save us from the ecological crisis caused by mass breeding of animals for food. Namely, cultivated and plant-based meat causes 96% less global emissions of greenhouse gases and requires 96% fewer resources for the production of the same quantity of meat.

Signatures for the initiative are being collected until June 5th, 2023, and in Croatia, 5,000 more signatures are required, and for that reason, Animal Friends Croatia appeal to all to take five minutes and leave their signature. The goal is to collect one million signatures within the European Union and the already set threshold must be reached in at least seven countries. Presently it has been reached in Germany, France, Finland, Denmark and Ireland.

Animal Friends Croatia referred to a situation in Italy as one more attempt to force an outdated and very harmful food production way, that is simply unsustainable. They state the fact that also in the past there were new technologies being banned, which from today’s point of view is totally bizarre: „For example, ancient Chinamen banned paper production, in some countries there were attempts to ban cars and, in some places, also banning accessing computers. An interesting information is that cucumbers and watermelons were also banned and yet today those are very popular and overall accepted foods. The technology of production of cultivated meat can create a positive revolution and supports its development is the quickest route for resolving the problem of world hunger, ecological sustainability, animal welfare and human health.”

Cultivated meat is produced by direct cultivating of animal cells and that production method eliminates the need for animal breeding and slaughtering for food. Unlike animal meat, it does not contain antibiotics, bacteria, pus, tumors and similar. Technology has no connection to genetic engineering and it is important to educate oneself about this revolutionary production process. Over the next several decades it is foreseen that cultivated meat and direct sources of plant-based proteins will have a significant market share measuring trillions

„It is absurd that we have not already long ago rejected the destructive animal breeding for food, which is why more than 80 billion animals are bred and killed on a global scale. This entails not only terrible cruelty but also the irreversible environmental destruction and merciless consumption of precious natural resources”, Animal Friends Croatia points out strongly.

„The only way to now feed eight billion people, that is 10 billion people during the next several decades, is with the help of a scientific revolution of our food system. In the past, people ate drastically less meat than today, but we have no time to turn back and huge subsidies for cattle breeding are not helping. We all have to stand up for existence and limit of damage we cause the natural world”, the Association concludes.

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