11/26/16 In a New Home by Christmas!

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Animal Friends invites citizens to devote the season of Advent to abandoned animals as well

- November 26, 2016; Zagreb's Ban Jelacic square: information stalls; a call for adoption and help for the dogs in the shelter

The early arrival of the holiday season is the right time for anyone that has the conditions for long-term animal care to adopt a dog or cat that's currently in the care of a shelter or animal protection organization. Holiday shopping fever should not, whatsoever, include the purchase of animals!

At the beginning of the season of Advent, on Saturday November 26, 2016, from 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. at Zagreb's Ban Jelacic Square, the Dumovec shelter for abandoned animals and the City Office for Agriculture and Forestry in collaboration with Animal Friends will host the event "Adopting is Cool".

Activists will share educational materials at information stalls and encourage citizens not to buy animals during the season of Advent, but to visit the shelter and help reduce the number of abandoned and unwanted animals instead. In addition to the presentation of shelter dogs who need a new home, there will be T-shirts that share the message of adopting instead of buying animals for the visitors.

The atmosphere of the holiday season calls for help to shelter animals who are waiting to go to a permanent, warm home. Those who don't have the conditions to adopt can come and walk the dogs in the shelter, become a godfather or a godmother to one of the dogs, bring an old warm blanket, make a donation, ask for castration of cats from a common yard, and organize with others to collect useful things to make it easier for the dogs overcome the winter in the shelter...

Animal Friends is inviting all Croatian citizens to come to the nearest shelter, spend some time with dogs, take their photo and advertise their housing needs throughout social media. In addition, anyone can help fund gifts for those who need it the most. By engaging during the season of Advent, you can help those abandoned animals to get a new home by Christmas!

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