08/11/22 Chained, They Die of Heat Stroke and from Fire

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Animal Friends Croatia seeking total ban on keeping dogs as alarm systems

- At www.boljizakon.net elaborated proposals for changes to the Animal Protection Act

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While spending the hot days seeking refreshment in the sea or in the airconditioned spaces, few think how many animals suffer and die from heat. On the one hand, caring guardians take dogs to rivers, seas, streams and lakes to cool off and spend time with them in the shade or under the air conditioner. On the other hand, callous individuals chain dogs to a well, a corn basket or a pole in a field and leave them to suffer the unbearable heat.

Animal Friends Croatia point out that during the Summer they receive numerous calls about chained dogs that slobber under the hot sun: „Most do not even have proper houses, but their only shelter is an old rusty barrel or a shed in ruins. They are exposed to all kinds of weather, so in Summer they cannot hide from the scorching sun and die of thirst and heat stroke.”

They state that it is particularly tragic that in this year’s fires in Dalmatia many animals already died, including chained dogs, who cannot escape from such dangerous situations: „Along with the horror of being chained for life, dogs cannot save themselves even from the fire and die in the worst agony, while at the same time people save cars, money and property.”

Animal Friends Croatia point out that chained dogs suffer extremely: „The chain restricts their movement and forces them to spend their life in miserable conditions, and because of the short chain they eat and defecate at the same place. There are numerous cases where the chain is cut into the neck as a result of years of neglect.”

They remind that dogs are members of the family and not decorations for the yard or alarm systems, which is why they launched an initiative to amend the Animal Protection Act. In addition to the total ban of keeping dogs on a chain, on the new website www.boljizakon.net they explain in detail the proposals to also prescribe legal changes: the introduction of the so-called Positive Animal Lists that can be kept as pets, ban on keeping wild animals in private captivity, complete ban on circus animals, introduction of mandatory castration of dogs and cats and other changes.

The Ministry of Agriculture confirmed that a Commission will be established in 2022, which will begin working on amendments to the Animal Protection Act. It stated that the goal is that “potential amendments to the existing Animal Protection Act will ultimately contribute to better animal protection and awareness strengthening on the importance of the care and well-being of animals during their keeping and breeding, which, among other things, refer also to the possibility of banning the keeping of dogs on a chain”.

A petition was also launched on behalf of the Animal Protection Network which can be signed at www.zabranimolanac.net, and has so far collected more than 60,000 thousand signatures. The support for banning the chain was provided by many institutions and local and regional communities, while polls showed the support of more than 80% of citizens.

„We also remind everyone that on hot days they never leave the animals in closed vehicles because the temperature can reach 50°C in just a few minutes”, say Animal Friends Croatia. They add that animals should always be protected from the direct sunlight and it is best to walk dogs early in the morning and late at night. Cats, birds, hedgehogs, bees and other animals should be provided with fresh water daily in shallow containers and bowls.

„We appeal to all to show compassion for all beings who, as we do, need water to survive”, Animal Friends Croatia say.

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