11/11/02 Lika is Saved

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The operation of rescuing the dog thrown into a 10-meter deep pit near the place called Janja Gora in Lika, near Plasko, completed!


After a dramatic rescue operation that began on Saturday, November 9, 2002, the little black puppy that had lived in the pit for over a year was finally taken out of it. Around 3 P.M., Dinko Novosel, a veterinarian and spelunker came out of the cave helping to take out the dog that was named Lika.

Since he was thrown into a 10-meter deep pit together with the whole litter, nobody expected him to survive. But the puppy called Lika had fed on the flesh of other animals that were dumped into the pit, drunk rain-water and achieved the impossible - he lived through a year of darkness, isolation, cold and fear.

However, he has been taken out and rescued. After he had been taken out, the puppy was taken to the Veterinary Clinic in Zagreb, where he is going to be examined and treated. After that, he will be transferred to the shelter for dogs in Dumovec, where he will wait for a real home.

After the Saturday's rescue attempt, when the dog crawled into inaccessible places of the cave, today, on Monday, the rescue team made another attempt. And today they succeeded. The veterinarian, Dinko Novosel, who is also a member of the rescue team of the mountain rescue service, came to the site already around noon. With the help of his colleague, he got down into the pit and gave the dog sedatives in the food, which put him to sleep.

Several hours later, the dog was taken out of the pit and immediately transferred to the clinic in Zagreb. The hours of waiting and days of hoping finally paid off. Everything ended well, but the dog Lika now needs plenty of love and care, he needs a family that will look after him and love him and that will be patient enough to work with him. Immediately upon the adoption, the family and the dog will begin with the therapy at the dog training school, where Lika will undergo a series of trainings and therapies in order to socialise and integrate into the community.

You can see the pictures of the rescuing and the whole course of the operation at the address www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr, as well as the picture of the dog Lika. People who might adopt the dog can contact the association at its address or the phone number.

Hereby we would like to ask all people interested in adopting the dog to contact us and to visit our free ads for finding a home for the animals, as well as to visit the shelter, where a large number of puppies and dogs are kept, waiting for a good-hearted person to take them home.




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