11/08/18 Paws up for volunteers

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Zagreb city animal shelter in Dumovec and Animal Friends Croatia invite volunteers

- Adoption is cool action is taking place on 10th November from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb

This year's initiative Adoption is cool, which is organized by the city of Zagreb and its animal shelter in cooperation with associations Noina arka and Animal Friends Croatia bears the motto "Paws up for volunteers".

The contribution of volunteers at the Animal Shelter of the City of Zagreb is extremely valuable. The goal of the action taking place on November 10, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. is to attract as many citizens as possible who would like to give dogs in Dumovec shelter some of their free time, energy and love.

Besides accommodation, food, and veterinary care, dogs at the shelter need to be walked and played with, and for these activities, volunteers are needed. They also include socialization of dogs thanks to which shelter residents find their homes more easily.

Animal Friends Croatia invite people from all over the country to visit the nearest animal shelter and get to know their residents as well as to inform themselves about how they can help them. Every minute of their time would mean the world to the dogs who cannot wait to be taken for a walk. Spending time with them will also bring joy to every volunteer.

Abandoned animals may also be helped by trying to find them homes among acquaintances and by promoting adoption over buying animals. Personal contact will surely be a great incentive for activities which may lead to rehoming of dogs and help make their lives at the shelter more bearable.

At info stalls on Ban Jelacic Square citizens will be able to get more information on the importance of the work of volunteers and other ways to help, and an application for volunteers can be found on the website of the Animal Shelter of the City of Zagreb www.azilzagreb.com.

- Don't buy living beings, because you cannot buy love! -

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