01/10/22 Disgraceful: Inspection thinks it is normal to hold a sick dog with a tumor on a chain!

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The sad case of a sick dog from Krapina shows the true face of veterinary inspection and proves they do not care about animals

- Keeping dogs on a leash needs an urgent and complete ban and reform of veterinary inspection is also necessary

Animal Friends Croatia reports of another of many sad cases of a neglected animal, which confirms that veterinary inspection helps abusers and not animals in need. Nero is an abused dog who suffered due to his owner from Krapina who kept him for 12 years on a chain just to „watch“ her barn. Despite of multiple warnings which were given to the veterinary inspection, an evidently sick dog, with an enormous non-treated tumor on his anus, is still being kept outside on a chain and freezing. It is shocking and disgraceful that the veterinary inspection claims that it is normal to keep a dog on a chain in such a cruel and unhealthy environment!

The owner confirmed that her dog was kept on a 3m long leash his whole life, also the veterinary inspection did not warn her how it is forbidden to „keep dogs on a leash the whole time“ according to the law of animal protection. Keeping dogs on a leash is a form of abuse and it is cruel, especially in cases with sick dogs like Nero. This is the reason why we are trying to erase the expression „permanently“ and require the urgent and completely legal prohibition of keeping dogs on a chain!

A year ago, since the organization found out about neglected dog Nero, they had sent a few requests to the veterinary inspectors that included a warning message about the horrible condition of the dog. But the answer was always the same- inspection did not find the proof of the dog's neglection nor did they notice a restriction of his movement „in a way that causes him pain, suffer, injury or fear“. On the contrary, the inspection claims that „all allegations from complaints are lies“, that the owner keeps her dog according to assigned requirements and that she ensured him necessary veterinary care.

„It is difficult to approve an action and opinion of the veterinary inspection when we can see the photos that vary from years ago and are full of the sick dog with an increased tumor located on the anus area. Wounds around the anus are sore, containing a liquid that smells unpleasantly. Because of pain or discomfort, Nero was forced to scratch himself which also caused him a loss of fur, he also lost weight, several times documented declarations showed he had bloody wounds around his ears that prove how his owner did not give him fleas treatments. We have been alarmed how he walks with spread legs because of discomfort caused by the tumor, he was also uninterested in eating food and was cold from the freezing and wet ground“ says Animal Friends Croatia.

A municipal worker visited Nero a year ago and unlike veterinary inspection, the owners were ordered by him to improve his living conditions because „ the dog was located below some rotten bars and roof tiles that were likely to collapse and were dangerous for Nero's life or could cause him harm.“ He also confirmed that Nero didn't have a doghouse nor any essential protection from bad weather, and it was necessary for the owner to contact a veterinary service to help the dog with the evident wounds located around the anus area and ensure him the necessary care because of his condition.

AFC consider it is degrading how the veterinary inspection has not given the necessary help and has not removed the dog from a chain for more than a year: „ Veterinary inspection claims how the owner has assured the medical health care for her dog, but all the information we have collected proves the contrary: Nero has not been given any veterinary treatment nor has he been given any appropriate diagnosis for his illness“. The owner refused treatments for her dog because she did not have enough money, although she was offered financial help. The Veterinary inspection did not react on time to give the required help to Nero, but they were sending us bureaucratic short answers, while the dog's condition was getting drastically worse.

They claim how the authority of the inspectorate is powerful and able to submit a criminal report for long-termed neglection. Unfortunately, almost every such case goes without penalty, although any person can see that the welfare of an animal is seriously endangered. Therefore they believe that the reform of the veterinary inspection is indeed necessary, and the reform should also be more specialized, numerous, educated, effective, specific to approbate irresponsible guardians and abusers of animals.

Animal Friends Croatia requested a rushed procedure of the veterinary inspections from Zagreb with the view of the revision of previous answers from local inspections and to help the dog in need, they also pressed criminal charges. They are demanding the dog to be put in a suitable condition and given health treatment, also the prohibition of having new animals intended for the owner.

The photos of the dog Nero, requests sent to veterinary inspections can be seen HERE.

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