09/25/20 There are still many unvaccinated dogs in Croatia

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On the occasion of World Rabies Day, Animal Friends Croatia warns that there are many unvaccinated dogs in Croatia

- The fine for not marking dogs with microchips and not vaccinating them is 6,000 HRK

On the occasion of World Rabies Day, which is celebrated on September 28th, Animal Friends Croatia warns that a large number of dogs have never been vaccinated, although vaccination against rabies is mandatory as well as microchip labeling.

The Animal Protection Act of 2017 stipulates that cities and municipalities must organize and carry out control of dog microchipping in their area - visit all households and check whether all dogs are marked with a microchip. According to available data from the Animal Protection Network, up to 20 percent of dogs in Croatia are unmarked and unvaccinated, which is devastating.

On the other hand, dog caregivers who vaccinate their dogs conscientiously do so every year as required by regulations, although according to the recommendation of vaccine manufacturers and WSAVA, the world's leading organization that brings together veterinarians, dogs should only be vaccinated the first two times each year, as stated by the vaccine manufacturers, who guarantee immunity for at least two, or even three years. So while some vaccinate their dogs excessively, others have never even taken their dog to the vet doing such great harm to both humans and animals.

Animal Friends Croatia warns that the competent institutions must carry out full control of the legal obligation to vaccinate and microchip dogs in order to create order and protect people and animals, as well as be able to introduce a vaccination system according to the manufacturer's instructions instead of vaccinating every year. Laws should apply equally to all in order to make progress.

They claim that in Croatia there is no obligation to systematically control hunting dogs, although this is very dangerous given that these dogs can easily come into direct contact with wild animals. Not all dogs that go to hunting grounds are checked and often hunters with one microchipped and vaccinated dog has one or more of those who are not on record or protected against rabies.

Failure to control the microchipping and vaccination of dogs by municipal wardens and veterinary inspectors not only endangers the whole community but also directly affects the influx of newly abandoned animals, the daily suffering of dogs and cats, and the heavy burden on local communities, animal welfare associations, and individuals seeking to take care of and adopt them.

Therefore, on the occasion of World Rabies Day, Animal Friends Croatia warns everyone that the fine for non-microchipping and non-vaccination of a dog is six thousand kunas. Local and state institutions call for resolving the bad situation - urgent control of clear and important legal provisions.

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