10/29/18 Award ceremony for heroes who help animals

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Celebrities sing for dogs of the biggest Croatian shelter at the „Let's adopt friends“ concert

- 30th October, 7 p.m, Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall: the concert for shelter dogs, two tickets for the renovation of 1 m2 of the shelter

On 30th October 2018, in the Vatroslav Lisinski Great Concert Hall in Zagreb, starting at 7 p.m., there will be a „Let's adopt friends“ benefit concert featuring great musicians such as Luka Nizetic, Sandra Bagaric, Franka Batelic, Ivana Kindl, Nina Kraljic, Tereza Kesovija, Zdenka Kovacicek, Bojan Jambrosic, Ivan Jelic, and Klapa Stine. The purpose of the concert is raising money for the renovation of the biggest animal shelter in Croatia, the one in Cakovec, which currently has than 700 dogs in care.

Inspired by the successes and series of volunteering actions, and projects concerning animal protection, the Regica Foundation, and Animal Friends Croatia, with the production by Viktor Drago and the members of the jury, will organize an award ceremony during the concert for helping animals.

Awards will be given to heroes for: lifetime achievement, special contribution and care about older and sick animals, working in extreme conditions, an organisation with the biggest combined contribution to animal protection, special needs animals, new activities in the area of animal protection, care and protection of wild animals, the best campaign, the best city/county enforcing Animal Protection Act, and the most significant project of the year. The awards will be given by some of the stars of the concert as well as the leaders of various animal shelters. One of the awards will be given by Luka Oman, the president of the Animal Friends Croatia association, which is a co-organiser of the concert, and the special adviser in the area of animal protection to the Minister of Agriculture.

Helping animals has been present in the Croatian public and media more than ever, especially after the President of the Republic of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, recognized the importance of activism in this area, the necessity of adopting animals instead of buying them, and the prescription of sterilization (spaying/neutering) as a method of reproduction control. In doing so, she encouraged people who, with great effort, battle the problems of animal abandonment and housing, which should be a job of local and regional municipalities.

The work of informing the public, as well as activities of volunteers, activists, and associations who are doing a tremendous work in their cities and counties, often without recognition and support from their communities and local municipalities, is paramount because those people are heroes who do a lot, many times without any compensation, to fix the consequences of society's neglect, ill-treatment of animals and failing to enforce the Act.

Aleksandra Hampamer, leader of the shelter and one of the selfless heroes, has invited everyone to the benefit concert for the biggest dog shelter in Croatia, mentioning that the ceremony is meant to give acknowledgment to people who give their lives and hearts to abandoned, injured, and sick animals: "Buy the tickets for yourselves or treat your friends and families with tickets. With only two purchased tickets you will take part in the renovation of 1 m2 of a new courtyard for dogs and I can say with certainty that it is a very beautiful feeling."

The ticket for the concert cost 80 kunas and can be purchased at www.ulaznice.hr, at all sales points of the ulaznice.hr service, and at the box office of the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall.

Find out more information about the concert, Animal Protection Act and the importance of adopting instead of buying animals.

Concert Adopt friends [ 120.54 Kb ]

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