11/11/17 No-Kill Croatia!

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Action “Adoption Is Cool” is dedicated to the most important decision in the new Animal Protection Act: No-Kill Croatia!

- November 11th, Ban Jela鋱 Square, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., Info-stalls, dogs waiting for adoption

On Saturday, November 11th, from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., at Ban Jela鋱 Square in Zagreb, an action called “Adoption Is Cool” will take place, organized by the City of Zagreb and the Shelter for Abandoned Animals of the City of Zagreb at Dumovec, in cooperation with Animal Friends Croatia. It is dedicated to the newly enacted Animal Protection Act and its most important regulation, which puts an end to the killing of shelter animals.

At 9:30, the event will be observed by Zagreb’s mayor Milan Bandi, who has expressed his approval of the aforementioned regulation in the new Animal Protection Act, indicating that it has already been the practice in Zagreb for years. Visitors will have an opportunity to obtain additional information at the info-stalls, sign various petitions, help abandoned animals by purchasing products, and meet dogs from the shelter looking for their permanent home.

The new Animal Protection Act includes many positive changes, one of the most important being that Croatia has become a country that finds homes for abandoned animals instead of punishing them by killing them in shelters. Zagreb’s shelter at Dumovec, the oldest Croatian no-kill shelter, can serve as an example to other shelters, since it shows that hard work can result in homes for all abandoned animals in Croatia.

The new law has almost doubled fines for persons who abandon an animal or fail to find home for their pet’s offspring – now these fines amount to 15-30 thousand kuna.

Animal Friends Croatia has already contacted all units of local and regional administration concerning the implementation of the new Animal Protection Act, offering the most important information concerning the new regulations and reminding them of the need to plan their activities and secure the necessary finances well in advance, given the deadlines and fines.

The crucial aspects of the new Act’s implementation include the following: founding animal shelters; permanent education of citizens on the care, adoption, and spaying/neutering of animals; educating local communities about the need for controlling the practice of micro-chipping and various other obligations; establishing info-centres throughout Croatia; promoting adoption; and cooperation between the ministry in charge, communal inspectors, veterinary inspection, veterinarians, officials in charge of municipalities, cities, and counties, animal welfare associations, institutions, and individual citizens.

Do not buy living beings, because love is not for sale!

Dog from shelter Dumovec [ 288.99 Kb ]

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