09/13/21 A year in prison for a dog rapist!

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Association Animal Friends welcomes the verdict of the Municipal Criminal Court in Zagreb

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- Judge Jasna Zoreti Renduli once again saved justice and the reputation of Croatia

Association Animal Friends Croatia welcomes the verdict of the Municipal Criminal Court in Zagreb and Judge Jasna Zoreti Renduli, which saved Croatia's justice and reputation and sentenced Ivor Ivani鈹vi for sexually abusing dogs to a maximum of one year in prison for killing or torturing animals. Judge Zoreti Renduli thus prevented the case from the statute of limitations expiration due to legal obstruction of the defense. She is also known to the public because of the Ostoja Babi case, who beat his female dog to death with an iron bar and pitchforks until her skull cracked and she bled almost completely. The verdict sentencing him to five months in prison in 2006 was the first prison sentence for the crime of torture of domestic animals in Croatia!

"For years we are witnessing the worst cases of animal abuse, but this is a disgusting and revolting case that causes nausea and public condemnation because only a monstrous mind can physically and sexually abuse its dogs for years, starving them and condition their food and water only after they allow the rape. Although not final, this verdict is very important because as a society we must never tolerate sexual or any other abuse of animals or send the perpetrators a message that by avoiding court proceedings they can go unpunished, " Animal Friends pointed out.

They add that it has been unequivocally proven that Ivor Ivani鈹vi tortured and raped dogs. Namely, in addition to the fact that the found dogs were tortured, starved, and with visible scars and injuries, Ivani鈹vi documented their explicit abuse with video evidence on hundreds of CDs and DVDs. It is a disgrace that such a person continues to work in the European Parliament, successfully avoids trial in Croatia for years, and perhaps at this moment commits the same crime to another animal.

The Association believes that such cases should be punishable by a much longer sentence of at least five years in prison. At the initiative of Animal Friends, the Animal Protection Act 2017 included a ban on the use of animals for sexual intercourse, as well as equivalent procedures or any other treatment of animals to meet human sexual needs. A fine of 10 to 30 thousand kunas is prescribed for the perpetrator, and the confiscation of a pet and a protective measure prohibiting the keeping and acquisition of another animal may also be imposed on him.

"Although the female dog, who was brutally sexually abused by Ivani鈹vi, has since died and the one-year sentence is not nearly adequate to the pain and suffering the dogs went through, this verdict is very important for preventing similar crimes and protecting victims who cannot defend themselves, ”Animal Friends conclude.

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