05/27/10 Can We Do Better? Or Rather, Do We Want to Do Better?

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The last lecture from the "Tales from the Plate" cycle will take place on May 27, 2010 at 7 P.M. in the Cultural Information Center, Preradoviceva 5, Zagreb.

We invite you to the latest in this lecture-cycle "Tales from the Plate" which will be particular out of two facts; first, this time you can relax and breathe quietly throughout the whole lecture and finish it with a smile on your face, and second, the lecturer this time will join the audience in watching two short but very beautiful and inspirational films. In addition to viewing films there will be time for an open discussion as well.

Even if you were not on any of the previous lectures, you will not feel the lack or inadequate. Therefore, if this is the case, do not miss at least this lecture. All of you that have attended at least one of the last lectures... hmm... you do not have to think and you certainly already know how to spend Thursday evening! Can we do better? Or rather, do we want to do better? Come and learn or at least share your doubts and questions! See you there!

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