The Minister's Decision: Croatia Prohibits Dog Killings in Shelters!

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On January 25, 2017, representatives of Animal Friends Croatia, no-kill shelters, and the Veterinary Office gathered for a meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture. Everyone present was delighted to hear a long-awaited statement coming directly from the minister himself: "From now on, all animal shelters in Croatia will be no-kill!"

This commendable decision is supported by more than 90 percent of Croatian citizens. Minister of Agriculture Tomislav Tolusic will introduce a total ban on killing dogs in shelters (meaning the possibility of euthanasia after 60 days in a shelter will no longer be an option) into the new Animal Protection Act. Tolusic also announced stricter enforcement of compulsory microchipping and local government participation in the implementation of the Act.

In doing so, Tomislav Tolusic became the first minister to take a stand for animal welfare and took the first step towards correcting injustice against animals. This will result in better enforcement of the Animal Protection Act, which mustn't only exist on the paper-it must be applied in practice.

Praise and support for this decision is pouring in from all parts of Croatia.

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