07/22/20 Ingrid and Luka call for adoption instead of purchase

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As part of the campaign “Family on vacation, dog to the street” the famous couple will visit five shelters

The first visit where “love at first sight” awaits was in Zagreb shelter in Dumovec

Ingrid Divkovi and Luka Budak, a couple who found love thanks to the popular show "Marriage at First Sight", visited the Shelter for neglected animals of the City of Zagreb in Dumovec to invite everyone to adopt animals instead of buying them. It is a continuation of their engagement through the campaign "Family on vacation, dog to the street?!" which Animal Friends Croatia has been conducting for 18 years, as part of which they said on the visuals of billboards: "Find love at first in the shelter!" Ingrid says that this campaign "stole her heart, but also common sense" and that this is the first of five shelters she and Luka will visit: "We promise you that we will not only remain smiling faces from billboards but lifelong warriors of love in this unjust ‘fight’ between an animal and an unscrupulous man.”

Very emotional Ingrid admits that she is severely affected by the neglect and abandonment of animals and the fact that there are still people in our society who leave their pet for vacation or any other reason: “I completely lose my sanity every time I testify that I still we live in a world where, without any remorse, these wonderful four-legged creatures who trust us endlessly and who do not deserve to be rejected and wait in cages for some new people who should be trusted again unconditionally are abandoned, neglected, abused or bought.”

Luka Budak, who pampered everyone by cuddling with cats Nix and Klara during the photoshoot for billboards, is especially sensitive to abandoned and neglected cats. "It's no secret that I love cats, but as a veterinary technician, I have an equal love for all types of animals. A large number of unwanted puppies and kittens end tragically, so castration is a necessary part of responsible care for the animal ", said Luka, whose adopted cat Mrma was neutered and enjoys the warmth of home and Luka's love and attention. He added that as the guardian of an adopted cat, he "claims with certainty that these animals give the most love" and "that is why it is worth remembering, and more importantly acting: Do not leave, do not buy, adopt!"

Unfortunately, many animals die from disease, starvation, bad weather, or die under the wheels of vehicles due to irresponsible people who procure them without thinking, neglect and do not care about controlling their reproduction, or castration. "Responsible custody includes labeling, regular veterinary examinations, vaccinations, castration of male and female animals for their protection and prevention of unwanted puppies and kittens, and a lot of time and attention given to these creatures who need us for up to 20 years Animal Friends Croatia points out.

According to the Animal Protection Act, abandoning animals is punishable by a fine of up to 30,000.00 HRK. In addition to animal caretakers, the greatest responsibility lies with cities and municipalities, which need to systematically control the microchipping of dogs and may prescribe mandatory permanent neutering as a way to control the reproduction of dogs and cats, with registered exceptions.

Touched by the fates of abandoned and unwanted animals, Ingrid and Luka appeal to everyone to visit shelters and associations where the unconditional love of dogs and cats for their forever home awaits them. They thanked the shelter in Dumovec for caring for discarded animals and the great effort to adopt them all and reminded that Asi and Zira, wonderful dogs they hung out with, as well as other dogs in the shelter, are eagerly waiting for their new owners. Encouraged by the slogan of the shelter "Love is not bought!", they encourage everyone who is able to adopt one of the beautiful souls who will forever remain grateful to them and provide unconditional love, happiness, and joy.

Animal Friends Croatia reminds us that dogs and cats in shelters and under the care of associations are healthy, vaccinated, and neutered, and dogs are microchipped, and everyone can hardly wait for a new home.

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