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Every 2.5 seconds, somebody signs up for Vegenuary, an annual 30-day vegan diet challenge in January. In partnership with 24 vegan restaurants in Croatia, Animal Friends Croatia has decided to encourage their fellow citizens to sign up for the Croatian version of Vegenuary, Veggie Challenge, by rewarding them.

If you sign up for Veggie Challenge at www.veganopolis.net by the end of January, besides getting support, tips, recipes, and relevant information, you may also get a free lunch. Randomly chosen winners will have the opportunity to enjoy a tasty meal in one of the most beloved vegan and vegetarian restaurants. They say they will keep in mind to provide you with a meal at your nearest restaurant. They add: “if you are against animal cruelty, worried about the climate change and ruthless exploitation of resources of our planet, and want to eat healthier, then Veggie Challenge is just right for you to make a change in all of the above. It is never late for positive changes.”

As Vegenuary globally reached its two millionth participant last week, or four times more than last year, it is evident that the popularity of the challenge is on the rise. Researchers from Oxford have calculated the effect of eliminating animal products from the diet on other aspects of life. According to their research, 350 000 Vegenuary participants cut the carbon dioxide emission equivalent to 160 000 cars on the roads!

Due to everything stated, more and more Croatian companies produce vegan products and meat, eggs, and milk substitutes. Also, vegan dishes are on the rise in restaurants. They increasingly offer food production of which caused no harm to animals. That, however, doesn’t pose an obstacle for serving their delighted customers with sausages, burgers, cheese, kebabs, Bolognese, and much more. Such dishes are also popular among those who want to reduce meat consumption.

“Today, when veganism has become generally accepted, and information and plant-based products easily available, just like vegan food and dishes in restaurants and stores, it takes only a little courage for every individual to take that step. It has never been easier to give veganism a try. You will be so occupied with our interesting materials and recipes that 30 days will pass in a blink. And those who have taken part in the Challenge continually say they regret only one thing: not applying sooner”, concludes Animal Friends.

Participating restaurants: Oaza Joyful Kitchen, Br00m 44, Vegehop, Zrno bio bistro, Sve najbolje, VeganKO, Falafel etc., Green Point, Barcode Mitra, Simple Green by Jelena, Zeleni Vaal, Kokolach, Soul Food, BEG'S Plant Based, Kuća tete Ane and Smoothiekaša from Zagreb, VEG Plant based meals and Kavana UpCafe from Split, Priroda&Društvo from Rijeka, Vege Klub Chandra from Karlovac, O.DA from Šibenik, Urban & Veggie from Dubrovnika and Urban Garden Juice & Smoothie Bar ifrom Opatija.

Translated by: Vedran Radolovic

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