02/09/15 No to Fireworks and Highschool Kids With Firearms!

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Animal Friends invite citizens, associations and politicians to write by the February 10, 2015 to the MUP (Ministry of Internal Affairs)

-The new law will regulate the usage of explosive material and the accessibillity of firearms

On the February 2, 2015 Animal Friends produced a petition which calls for the banning of the use of fireworks and other explosive material (under class II. and III.) throughout the whole year. The petition begun in January, 2014 as a result of the large number of animal and people injured. Over 15,500 manual and digital signatures have been collected and submitted to the Ministry of internal affairs. The proposal to ban fireworks is a part of the changes in law which the Ministry is currently conducting through Internet-based consultation in the public interest.

Statement proposal on the impact evaluation of the draft on the Act on Explosives, Weapon Production and Trafficking and also the draft on the Act on Procurement and the Registration of Weapons have combined regulations of Act on Explosive Materials, Act on Firearms and Act on Transportation of Dangerous Materials. In the Draft, amongst other articles, the Ministry suggests reducing the age limit for procuring a firearm from the current age of 21 years to 18 years of age; the two firearms licenses (for holding and carrying a gun) will be replaced with one, and the expiration date for this firearms Licence would be 10 years instead of the current 5 years, all of which is an alarming proposed development.

This type of law proposal works merely in favour of manufacturers and for the users of explosive materials and firearms, adding to the increased insecurity for citizens. Therefore, Animal Friends calls upon everyone to complete a form by Tuesday, February 10, which can be found on: www.mup.hr/main.aspx?id=202813 and write to : savjetovanje@mup.hr, demanding the banning of fireworks ( Explosives : Class II. and III. ) to oppose those proposals which would permit even greater and easier firearms availability and which would lead towards greater dangers for people and animals.

Animal Fiends began petitioning for the full banning of fireworks as a result of the large number of citizens alarmed by 'run-away' pets, their injuries and the disturbance caused by the the fireworks' explosions. Adults and children, most-often, are exposed to incessant noises and injuries. The Ministry of Internal Affairs identifies that the number of these victims, especially the children, rises around holiday-time, mostly related to cases of sight loss, partial and permanent hearing damage, the loss of fingers or whole hands and the mutilated faces; which all remain a life-long permanent handicap. New Year's Eve does not need to be a war zone with the inevitable damaging health and safety consequences which damages citizens and animals together.

Apart from the need for banning fireworks, Animal Friends considers essential not to reject proposals which would in practice permit high-school children to legally obtain firearms; the procuring of a firearms license would be simplified and the expiration date would be extended. The legal age for obtaining a firearm must remain at 21 years of age and without reducing the procedure for procuring firearms. Citizens do not wish to live in a violent society surrounded by firearms and fireworks which are made easily available to everyone, instead legal changes are sought which will contribute to the reduction of human and animal suffering, the reduction of noise and the prevention of menacing public disturbance.

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